Campaign Support

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How Can You Help?

Would you like to support the work of the White Shield Appeal campaign? I really need your support. I am not funded and take no donations from anyone, but always appreciate practical assistance such as:

  • Tweeting or sharing information about this site on Twitter, facebook, etc. to raise awareness about victims of the Salvation Army and demonstrate your support for them. If you’re on Twitter, please use the hashtag #WhiteShieldAppeal and mention this website:
  • Tweeting or sharing information of your own about the Salvation Army on Twitter, facebook, etc., with the White Shield Appeal website link ( with whatever comments you feel are appropriate to help raise awareness about what the Salvation Army has done to its victims. If on Twitter, please use the hashtag #WhiteShieldAppeal and mention this website:
  • Encouraging friends and family and people you work with to read the information on the White Shield Appeal campaign website ( and this blog ( to become educated about the reality of the Salvation Army’s treatment of victims and other problems in the organisation and what is being done to try to bring about change.
  • Mounting protests or mini-protests (even an hour or two can help) about issues of concern about the Salvation Army. If you plan to do a protest or mini-protest, please use the contact form on this website to say what you have planned, so the White Shield Appeal campaign can help publicise it for you. Don’t forget to bring a camera so you can send in pictures!
  • Getting in touch with the Salvation Army (see or for contact details in Australia) or the international headquarters (see for contact details) and letting them know how you feel after you’ve read the material on the White Shield Appeal website and asking them to please treat their victims better than they are and institute other changes you think should occur. Specifically, please demand to know EXACTLY what they are doing for their victims.
  • Simply talking to people you know and discussing the issues and helping to raise awareness about the plight of Salvation Army victims and their families and other concerns you have about what the Salvation Army is doing.
  • Doing a letterbox drop in your street with a letter explaining how you feel about the Salvation Army and how it’s treated people and what you think people should do (e.g., you might suggest they get in touch with the Salvation Army to express their concerns). If you do this, please respect people’s right not to receive unsolicited mail by first checking stickers / plaques on people’s letterboxes that say if they don’t want unsolicited / non-official mail.
  • Jumping on the many Salvation Army facebook sites (e.g., and expressing your feelings about what you’d like the Salvation Army to do differently. Please check the site’s facebook posting policies prior to posting anything. And, take a screenshot, because you may find your post disappears rather quickly!
  • Copying and pasting information from this website and emailing it on to friends, family, and work colleagues to help raise awareness of the problems with the Salvation Army.
  • Coming up with innovative ways to draw attention to problems with the Salvation Army, express your concerns, or otherwise work to bring about necessary change (let me know about what you’ve done). If you have pictures, I’ll include some of them on the Acts of Resistance page later (only legal activities, please!).
  • Writing to, emailing, or dropping in on your local elected political representative to voice your concerns and ask them to take action to address problems with the Salvation Army.

Campaign Supporters

The following organisations have either indicated current support for the White Shield Appeal campaign through the provision of moral support, promotional activities, or even just informing their memberships of the problems within the Salvation Army and the concerns of the White Shield Appeal campaign or have supported the campaign in the past. Thank you to these organisations for helping to raise awareness in various ways. Listing of these organisations on this website is not an endorsement of these organisations or their policy platforms, simply an acknowledgement of their role in promoting the concerns of the White Shield Appeal campaign. Thank you!

NB: Changes to this page coming soon.

The World Fire Safety Foundation

TheWFSF.orgMasterLogo-30K-250x359 (2)

“Stop the children burning”

“The World Fire Safety Foundation is an Australian-based, self-funded, global not-for-profit. The Foundation is dedicated to saving lives by exposing the flawed scientific testing of the ionization type of smoke alarms installed in hundreds of millions of homes around the world and promoting the safe and affordable photoelectric alternatives. Subsequent to the Foundation’s campaigning, several States and cities throughout the USA have mandated photoelectric smoke alarms, all Australian and New Zealand Fire Brigades only recommend photoelectric smoke alarms and in November 2011, the Northern Territory enacted Australia’s first mandatory photoelectric legislation.”

SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) Australia 

snap logo

“Our most powerful tool is the light of truth. Throughout our actions, we bring healing, prevention and justice.”

The Eros Foundation

eros foundation logo

“Established in 1992, Eros is the longest serving adult industry group in Australia and we have earned a reputation for integrity and professionalism in our activities. We seek to bring logical and popular perspectives to love and sex rather than moral or religious ones. ‘Make love not war’ is the philosophy that we bring to our political debates.”

Australian Sex Party

australian sex party logo

“The Australian Sex Party is a libertarian, political response to the needs of Australians in the 21st Century.”

Australian Foundation of Atheists Inc

atheist foundation of australia inc

“Promoting scientifically credible & factually reliable evidence.”

Sydney Atheists

Sydney Atheists logo

Our goal is to promote a positive representation of atheism and to enforce the separation of church and state.”

NSW Humanists

NSW Humanists

“The Humanist position** includes the core idea that science provides the best path to reliable knowledge of our lives and the universe. This has not always been known – most ancient societies invented gods and religions. These helped to maintain the authority of the rulers, and purported to explain how the world worked. Many such belief systems came and went, reaching a peak in the Dark Ages. Sadly some linger on today.”


This year, I’ve emailed thousands of people and organisations asking them to spread the word and disseminate this website (and the articles and reports on it) and otherwise help raise awareness of the atrocities committed by the Salvation Army. I hope that at least some organisations contacted will join with those listed above and become official campaign supporters. It doesn’t cost a penny! Please got to the Contact page on this website to tell me if your organisation supported this awareness-raising campaign, and if you’d like to see your organisation listed on this page as a supporter of the quest for justice and healing for victims of the Salvation Army. Moral support is the best support 🙂 Aletha Blayse.

#WhiteShieldAppeal – Clean Up Your Act, Salvos!


[Philosophy in a nutshell: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little” – Edmund Burke].