Forty-Four: A Tale of Survival (published 2014)

Graham Rundle

Forty-Four A Tale of Survival


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“At age seven, Graham Rundle was taken by his father for a ‘holiday’ to Eden Park, a Salvation Army boys’ home outside Adelaide. As soon as his father left, Graham was given old clothes to wear and told from now on he was known as ‘44’. The book vividly portrays what happened to Graham over the following eight years, from 1959 until 1968, living in fear of sexual abuse by the people who were supposed to care for him.

This extraordinary book contrasts the dark moments of unbelievable depravity with some of the sweetest and most innocent acts of kindness. As well as portraying life in the home, Graham writes of his taste of freedom at high school and at Indigenous camps at the Coorong, and of his time spent with his beloved, lifesaving Nana.

  • An extraordinary tale of resilience, determination and humour.
  • A ten-year legal battle resulted in a long jail sentence for one of the abusers.”

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Unholy Union: A Memoir of Clergy Sexual Abuse Within the Salvation Army (published 2014)

Bunny Stevens

unholy union salvos book

In Unholy Union, Bunny Stevens takes the reader on a harrowing journey through the darkest of betrayals-occasioned, ironically, in settings that should shelter and protect: home and church. Within these sacred spaces, a child is abused and a young woman is raped by her minister and told, “God wanted me to do it.” Ultimately, though, this is a story of victory over those who shamed her, renounced her, and commanded her to “go away and tell no one.” In Unholy Union, the author breaks her 50-year silence. With heartbreaking transparency, she tells us what no one wants to believe can actually happen. Then she tells us who ultimately wins.

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Salvation: The True Story of Rod Braybon’s Fight for Justice

Vikki Petraitis

Salvation Rod Braybon

“In the early 1950s, Rod Braybon’s father died, leaving his mother with eight children she couldn’t care for. As a ward of the state, Rod was passed from institution to institution until he finally ended up at the notorious Bayswater Boy’s Home run by the Salvation Army. 

Rod endured years of ill-treatment at the hands of the Salvation Army, then spent a life-time repressing the memories that haunted him. His story created a nation-wide sensation and won a prestigious award for the journalist who broke it. 

That Rod was willing to speak out to try and ease the suffering of others like him, is incredible. That he survived at all, is nothing short of a miracle. Salvation is a story of courage and the indomitable Aussie spirit.”

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