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4 complaints from Temuka home (New Zealand) (12 September, 2003)

A survivor’s case (New Zealand) (17 January, 2004)

A victim’s nightmare in the ‘care’ of the Salvation Army

Abuse accused allowed to rejoin Salvos

Abuse claims stem from Temuka home (New Zealand) (29 August, 2003)

Abuse compensation (New Zealand) (13 March, 2004)

Abuse denied as Salvos protect their own

Abuse group sees McClay as part of Salvation Army (New Zealand) (14 October, 2003)

Abuse in showers and dorms of Salvos boys’ homes

Abuse ‘only’ in Aust, Salvos’ victim told

Abuse revelations drain Salvos donations

Abuse shocked Salvation Army duo

Abuse victims ‘told not to go to police’

Abuse victims want Salvos to pay

Abusers visited Salvation Army boys home at night: inquiry

Alleged Salvation Army pedophile ring exposed

An island of pain: Nauru uncovered (15 March, 2014)

Angela Sdrinis interviewed by Sue Taffe for the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants oral history project [sound recording]. (Australia) (7 February, 2012)

Angry response to Salvation Army’s gay stance (Australia) (18 June, 2012)

‘Ashamed’ Salvation Army paid $15m to child sex abuse victims, inquiry told

Asylum seeker Reza Berati had rocks dropped on his head

Australia investigates whether paedophiles operated within the Salvation Army

Australian panel told of sexual abuse of boys at Salvation Army homes

Australian Salvation Army Officers Rape, Lock Boys in Cages

Behind the red shield

Boy raped when he reported abuse

Boy who fled Salvation Army home fell into pedophile ring

Boys’ abuse raised in 1973

Boys caged, tethered, raped by Salvation Army officers and older boys at children’s homes

Boys’ carers at Salvation Army home, ‘they were cruel bastards’

Boys from Salvation Army home sent interstate for sexual exploitation: whistleblower

Boys’ home abuse our greatest failure, say Salvation Army

Boys made to fight for the enjoyment of Salvation Army officers: inquiry

Boys’s home residents seek compensation for abuse (Australia)

BRENTWOOD: Salvation Army carer Glenn Brown jailed for abusing boys aged 7

Brumby Acts On Sex Abuse Compo (Australia) (12 November, 2008)

Charity Is Told It Must Abide By Antidiscrimination Laws (United States) (11 July, 2001)

Charity worker killed Reza Barati, says insider

Child abuse royal commission: what has already been said

Child abuse victim Lewis Blayse’s final interview: ‘Let no child walk this path again’

Child abuse victim raped, burned, held underwater by Salvation Army major Victor Bennett

‘Child harmed herself after abuse’

Child sex abuse inquiry: ‘It is something that will never leave you,’ survivor says

Child sex abuse royal commission: Salvation Army abuse victim recalls rape and bashing

Child sex abuse royal commission: Victims tell of anger at Salvation Army over sexual and physical abuse at children’s homes

Child sex abuse victim prepares for solicitor battle

Children regularly fled Alkira Salvation Army home at Indooroopilly as pedophile ring at work

Children, 4, punched at Salvos home: inquiry

Children’s home abuse victims plan next move

City Politicians Accuse Salvation Army of Illegal Rentals

City protest against Sallies to continue (New Zealand) (3 September, 2003)

Claims a paedophile ring operated out of Salvos home at Bexley

Claims that children killed at Salvo home

Coerced adoption: Salvation Army launches review of maternity homes that housed unwed mothers

Coffin protest presses compo for state wards (Australia) (1 July, 2011)

Commission hears of cruel abuser who moved from home to home

Commission to hear of hundreds abused in state care (Australia) (14 November, 2012)

Commission told of ‘most serious offender’

Confessed sex offender ‘not a paedophile’: Salvation Army major

Convicted paedophile worked with Salvation Army (11 November, 2012)

CYF to look into Sally Army abuse (New Zealand) (9 December, 2003)

Decades of unspeakable acts exposed

Detainee beaten by Salvation Army man

Detention witness speaks of torment on Nauru

Dulcie May Holmes’s story of Salvation Army horror

Evidence by Salvo chief ‘not plausible’, says NSW government.

Ex Salvation Army volunteer jailed for rape

Ex-Salvation Army officer jailed for sex abuse

Ex-state wards tell of abuse

Family: Why placed in motel filled with sex offenders? (1 August, 2014)

Far astray (New Zealand) (3 February, 2004)

Fear ‘all the time’ at Qld Salvo farm

Final Royal Commission submissions on abusive boy’s home

Fired by the Salvation Army for Being Bisexual (United States) (25 July, 2012)

Former coach pleads guilty to child sex abuse in Duluth court (4 August, 2014)

Former Daytona Beach Salvation Army employee arrested on sexual battery charges

Former Qld police says paedophile ring operated near Salvos’ boys home

Former resident wants compensation (New Zealand) (28 August, 2003)

Former Salvation Army employee in Manus spotlight

Former Salvation Army pedophile William Ellis sentenced to 16 years

Four New London thrift store employees file labor lawsuit (14 August, 2014)

Fresh abuse claims made just before Salvation Army officer Lawrence Wilson’s death

Gay or transgender youth feel alienated by faith-based homeless services

Gill’s ‘brutal’ past haunts

Global historical cases of child abuse by Salvation Army members

Gordon the photographer

Government’s work for the dole may offer same jobs as community service placements (31 July, 2014)

Govt may examine abuse claims (New Zealand) (27 August, 2003)

Graham Rundle – Salvation Army victim (23 July, 2014)

Graham Rundle with Richard Stubbs

Guilty – child abuser William J. K. Ellis collapses in hysterics

Hard facts about the Salvos (Australia) (23 August, 2012)

Hidden Homophobia of The Salvos

Historic abuse claims investigated (New Zealand) (6 May, 2005)

Horror stories from Salvo homes: inquiry

Inquiry into forced adoptions

Inside Manus Island: expect crime, violence and deadly disease in PNG, detainees told (29 May, 2014)

Interview: Salvation Army Graham Rundle (20 July, 2014)

Just to be a child

Justice McClellan opens Royal Commission (3 April, 2013)

Kerry Haggar, the wife of a Salvation Army child sex abuser apologised to the victim

Kiwi may be sought over Papua New Guinea killing (20 August, 2014)

Land of Child Abusing Clergy, Politicians and Police

Let the sinless organisation cast the first stone

Major admits Salvation Army treatment of child sex abuse complaints ‘pathetic’

Man faces children’s home charges (New Zealand) (7 October, 2005)

Mandurah child abuse survivor speaks out – ‘they can’t shut me up now’

Manus Island block a ‘rape dungeon’, Salvation Army worker tells inquiry (6 May, 2014)

Manus Island inquiry: Staff, contractors lift lid on ‘death trap’ conditions inside immigration detention centre (14 June, 2014)

Manus Island inquiry: Students tell of working in detention centres without job interviews, training (13 June, 2014)

Manus Island riot report released (26 May, 2014)

Manus Island riot: Asylum seeker speaks of witnessing Reza Berati’s death

Manus Island riot: Independent report by Robert Cornall details deadly detention centre violence

Manus Island Support Staff Recall Having Their Phones Tapped After Being Hired Through Facebook Ads (13 June, 2014)

Manus Island was mission impossible: ex-Salvos worker (30 March, 2014)

Manus Island work by Salvation Army a failure, says former worker (30 March, 2014)

Manus killing suspect ‘faked own death’ (21 August, 2014)

Manus murder suspect a hero: Salvation Army

Manus whistleblower claims he warned Salvation Army of employees wanting to fight (Australia) (9 September, 2014)

McClay to monitor abuse claims (New Zealand) (11 October, 2003)

Meal and molestation after church: inquiry

Millionaire trawled pinball parlours for boys, abuse inquiry hears

Mom says 2-year-old daughter was sexually abused in local church

More complaints of abuse filed against the Salvation Army

Mum wed my abuser, inquiry hears

Murder and mayhem on Manus Island: Scott Morrison and the Salvos (7 April, 2014)

Murder fear on lost kids

Nauru Staff Condemn Cruel Conditions

No evidence to support Salvation Army officer’s claim he confessed act of child sex abuse to police, royal commission told

No funds missing: Salvation Army

‘No mercy’: Orphan tells of painful childhood in Goulburn

No time for love, laughter and warmth of family life

None so blind as those who will not see

Number claiming abuse at Salvation Army homes rises to 70

OPINION: We owe it to abused children to pin down how pedophile networks operate, to smash them and punish any complicity

Organisation not coping with claims: Salvos investigator

Orphans ‘left to die’: state parliamentary inquiry into child abuse told

Oz kids ‘sodomised, punched’

Paedophile Barry Johnston has jail time increased

Paedophile freed after third of sentence served

Paedophile ring allegedly preyed on boys in church care

Paedophile ring ‘lent out boys’

Paedophile Trevor Hall pleads guilty to more child abuse charges (1 August, 2014) 

Papua New Guinea police charge two men over death of asylum seeker Reza Barati on Manus Island (19 August, 2014)

Parliamentary inquiry witness says Salvos flogged boys (5 February, 2013)

Parole for child abuser appals

Pedophile Barry William Johnston chose victim from Salvation Army Eden Hills boys home

PNG police arrest two over Barati killing (19 August, 2014)

PNG police charge two over Iranian asylum-seeker murder (20 August, 2014)

PNG police haven’t contacted AFP over Berati murder suspects (21 August, 2014)

PNG police hunt Salvation Army worker on mainland over Reza Barati’s death in Manus Island riot

PNG police searching for more suspects in murder of Reza Barati on Manus (20 August, 2014)

Police investigated Salvation Army paedophile ring allegations in 1990s

Police knew of Qld abuse millionaire

Police probing abuse by Salvation Army (New Zealand) (6 May, 2005)

Pols find illegal rentals at controversial senior home

Pop star Darren Hayes blasts Salvation Army for stance on gay unions

Pressure on Salvation Army to say sorry over forced adoptions

Prison ship disgrace (30 July, 2014)

‘Punishment was the only thing I knew’

Queensland police were aware of abuse allegations in 1970s, commission hears

Rape, torture and climate of fear at Riverview boys’ home

Ray Prosser discusses child abuse he experienced

Refugee forum exposes eyewitness truth of bloodshed on Manus Island (22 March, 2014)

Review finds asylum seeker Reza Berati killed on Manus Island by Salvation Army officer and PNG security guards (27 May, 2014)

Round two of hearing into Salvation Army abuse failures

Royal commission hears Salvation Army did not consider Major Colin Haggar a paedophile

Royal Commission releases findings into Salvation Army abuse

Royal commission told Salvation Army on shaky ground with ‘1pc’ statistic on child abuse

Royal commission told Salvation Army’s ‘physical and sexual abuse’ was rampant

Royal Commission witness: Salvation Army Commissioner told of confessed child sex abuser working with children, and did nothing

Royal Commission witnesses claim they were sexually and physically abused by Salvos captains – and beaten by the police if they fled

Royal commission: Child abuse victims share their stories in private hearings (Australia) (9 May, 2014)

Royal commission: Salvos deny sexual abuse widespread
Royal Commission: spotlight on Alkira Salvation Army home

Royal Commission: Torture and rape at Gill Memorial

Royal commmission hears of shocking evidence of child sexual abuse by Salvation Army

Rundle’s tale of survival finally in print (6 August, 2014)

SA pedophile gets jail time increased

Sadistic punishments dealt out at Riverview boy’s home

Sadistic Salvos may never be held to account

Sallies abuse claims mount (New Zealand) (26 August, 2003)

Sallies challenged over abuse claim figures (New Zealand) (19 April, 2005)

Sallies pay restitution to abused children (New Zealand) (13 March, 2014)

Sallies staff accused of abuse still at work (New Zealand) (3 October, 2003)

Sally Army Paedo Ring

Salvation Army abuse at ‘severe end’ of scale

Salvation Army abuse claims failed to go to court, commission hears

Salvation Army abuse claims mount

Salvation Army abuse of children

Salvation Army admits abuse of boys is its greatest failure: inquiry

Salvation Army allowed known sex offender Colin Haggar to continue work, royal commission hears

Salvation Army apologises after ‘homosexuals should die’ statement

Salvation Army back in box at abuse inquiry

Salvation Army boy’s home abuse victim refuses apology, inquiry hears

Salvation Army boys flogged until blood flowed, royal commission hears

Salvation Army called to apologise for historic abuse cases

Salvation Army captain accused of raping boys was acquitted in 1990s

Salvation Army commander accused girl of lying in sex case

Salvation Army couple ‘lied to church’ over standing down, NSW government says

Salvation Army Cuts S.F. Programs / Charity spurns city’s domestic partner law (United States) (4 June, 1998)

Salvation Army defends criticism after shed fire

Salvation Army developed ‘matrix’ to calculate payouts to abuse victims, commission hears

Salvation Army dismisses child abuse whistleblower (15 August, 2014)

Salvation Army dismisses whistleblower, Marina Randall, who raised concerns about commissioner (16 August, 2014)

Salvation Army draws ire over award to accused child abuser

Salvation Army drops 17 places on charity reputation survey

Salvation Army employee ‘led the brutal beating’ that killed Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati on Manus Island (26 May, 2014)

Salvation Army examines hiring process after manager allegedly steals car

Salvation Army ‘faces case surge’ (New Zealand) (22 August, 2003)

Salvation Army forced to defend handling of child sex complaints

Salvation Army hearing prompts spike in correspondence to royal commission into child sex abuse

Salvation Army helped conceal child abuser Colin Haggar, territorial commander admits

Salvation Army in $10 million suit for alleged abuse

Salvation Army in Australia accused of raping children with a garden hose and other abuses

Salvation Army in Australia ‘rented out’ boys for sexual abuse

Salvation Army in disbelief over abuse complaints, inquiry hears

Salvation Army investigate new abuse claims (New Zealand) (27 August, 2003)

Salvation Army letters cause upset (New Zealand) (12 November, 2003)

Salvation Army locked boy in room for days without toilet, royal commission told

Salvation Army locked boys in cage, raped and beat them, royal commission hears

Salvation Army major ‘punched 4yo boys in the face’ at Alkira boys’ home, royal commission hears

Salvation Army major tells inquiry how he blew the whistle on abuse

Salvation Army officer abused girl then married mother, royal commision told

Salvation army officer accused of child sex abuse

Salvation Army Officer Accused of Molesting 4 Girls in Burbank

Salvation Army officer admitted to abusing child so he could ‘go out and save more souls’

Salvation Army officer ‘beat boys after molesting them’


Salvation Army officer dismissed amid more abuse evidence

Salvation Army officer faced ‘dilemma’ over how to sack accused official

Salvation Army officer jailed for sex abuse

Salvation Army Officer loses rape appeal

Salvation Army officer promoted despite history of child sex abuse, royal commission hears

Salvation Army officer: not all who sexually abuse children are paedophiles

Salvation Army officers abuse of children ‘violent and extreme’

Salvation Army officers allegedly moved interstate if accused of child sex abuse

Salvation Army officers assaulted boys in showers, royal comission into child sex abuse hears

Salvation Army Official: Gays Deserve Death

Salvation Army on hook for sex abuse: court (Canada) (16 November, 2007)

Salvation Army pair face abuse probe

Salvation Army preys on innocent kids

Salvation Army promoted despite a known history of child sex abuse commission told

Salvation Army refused to believe child abuse complaints, commission told

Salvation Army Refuses to Fund Child Abuse Compensation Programs – Reports (5 August, 2014)

Salvation Army ‘rented out’ boys at Sydney children’s home in Sydney to paedophiles

Salvation Army sack accused sex abusers John McIver and Colin Haggar

Salvation Army Settles Lawsuit on Religious Discrimination (United States) (18 March, 2014)

Salvation Army settles sex-abuse case

Salvation Army sexual abuse victim speaks out

Salvation Army still holds millions in Joplin donations

Salvation Army Uses Homeless To Fight Gay Benefits (United States) (24 May, 2004)

Salvation Army victim vows to tell all

Salvation Army volunteer faces child sex abuse

Salvation Army whistleblowers dismissed from Indooroopilly, Qld, home for reporting alleged abuse, royal commission hears

Salvation Army work on Manus and Nauru to end

Salvation Army worker charged with rape

Salvation Army Youth Minister Accused Of Raping 16-Year-Old Girl

Salvation Army: allegations of paedophilia but police did not act

Salvation Army’s ‘worst decision’ was to allow abuser back, inquiry hears

Salvation Army’s Major Peter Farthing tells royal commission child abusers not same as paedophiles

Salvation Army’s choice questioned (New Zealand) (13 October, 2003)

Salvation Army’s reputation declines after child sex abuse inquiry hearings: research

Salvo abuse claims dealt with privately

Salvo admits burning child with a cigarette

Salvo boss ‘delayed’ reporting abuser

Salvo denies intimidating officer -inquiry

Salvo Major’s comments outrage gay rights groups (Australia) (25 June, 2012)

Salvo officer accused woman of blowing whistle on husband’s child sex abuse: royal commission hears

Salvos abuse victims finally believed

Salvos abuse victims say apology is not enough

Salvos accused of reneging on cash payment

Salvos boy who complained of sex abuse by another boy ‘was raped by officer’

Salvos commissioner says it’s no longer publicly acceptable to have a confessed sex offender in active ministry

Salvos deny endemic child sex abuse

Salvos deny officer was pedophile

Salvos didn’t ‘twig’ to abuser’s past

Salvos failed to report abuse

Salvos’ investigation process under scrutiny at commission

Salvos major sought mercy for abuser

Salvos paid up but did not investigate abuse

Salvos ‘sent boys to Sydney to be sexually abused by top chef’

Salvos ‘showed overt hostility’ to victims

Salvos sorry for abuse ‘greatest failure’

Salvos sorry for Hitler image (5 August, 2014)

Salvos sued for ‘brutal’ home

Salvos take ‘massive’ hit on funding

Salvos to say sorry to abused children

Salvos ‘tricked man into waiver’

Salvos under scrutiny at Royal Commission

Salvos Worried About Nauru Chaos

School offence rebounds on Salvos

Search boys’ homes for corpses: ex-ward

Secrets of Nauru detention centre exposed (15 March, 2014)

Senate inquiry calls for compensation over Manus Island death of Reza Berati

Severe punishment for wetting the bed

Sex abuse royal commission told Salvation Army abuser’s wife Kerry Haggar contacted whistleblower

Sex abusing Salvo dismissed then reinstated

Sex crime list for Salvation Army

Sexual abuse accused still with Salvation Army (New Zealand) (3 October, 2003)

Shame of abuse in care home lives on (New Zealand) (6 September, 2003)

Shining the spotlight on Salvation Army abuse

‘Shocking’ Salvation Army abuse claims in Australia

Sorry stories of sexual abuse continue at Royal Commission

Sorry to Forgotten Australians won’t heal a tortured life

Speaking out for abuse victims (New Zealand) (5 September, 2003)

State wards in abuse scandal (New Zealand) (28 August, 2003)

Still Running Children’s Homes Worldwide (Or: The Buck Must Stop Somewhere)

Surviving a horror childhood

Temuka pair allege abuse (New Zealand) (28 August, 2003)

The dying wish of a man abused at a Salvation Army home

The Homies

The Jobs Game

The lost boys

The price Aboriginal children paid at Retta Dixon

The Salvation Army and refugees

The Salvation Army apologises for comments suggesting women fleeing domestic violence should not ‘use and abuse’ shelters

The Salvation Army has sacked an officer accused of child abuse just months after publicly rewarding him

The Salvation Army is a branch of government

The Salvation Army throws family out into freezing night, due to fear of imaginary gay paedophiles

The Salvation Army: It Gets Worse (United States) (21 December, 2009)

The Salvation Army’s Global Abuse (Or: It’s Still Happening, Worldwide)

The Salvation Army’s History of Anti-LGBT Discrimination (United States) (11 December, 2013)

The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle of Trouble (United States) (13 December, 2008)

The scope of the inquiry should extend beyond Catholic Church (Australia) (13 November, 2012)

The Sins of the fathers (New Zealand) (18 July, 2004)

Think before Salvos donation: abuse victim

Three more claim abuse by Salvation Army swim coach

Traumatised victims of Eden Park boys home abuse say the Salvation Army should increase compensation

Trevor Hall victim found it ‘damn hard’ to come forward (1 August, 2014)

T-shirt travels

Two arrested over Manus Island riot death of Reza Barati (19 August, 2014)

Unacceptable, dept says of untrained staff

Victim speaks out ahead of Salvos abuse inquiry

Victim tells Royal Commission of abuse at Riverview

Victims of abuse in care welcome Senate report

Violence that killed on Manus Island “inevitable” (13 June, 2014)

‘We were scum’: boys’ home horror recalled

West Melbourne Salvos rival Crusaders in mayhem? (6 June, 2013)

Whistleblower fired by Salvos: inquiry

Whistleblower got it wrong: Salvo boss

WHO WAS REZA BERATI? … a report from someone who was there

Whose Salvation?

Why did the Salvation Army fail to act on my claims of sexual abuse? (23 July, 2014)

Wider Salvation Army inquiry wanted (New Zealand) (12 September, 2003)

Wife of Salvation Army child abuser admits she may have intimidated a Royal Commission witness

Witness asked why no-one intervened over abuse at Salvation Army boys home

Witness breaks down at memories of Salvation Army abuse

Witness says Salvation Army abuse complaints process like being abused again

Woman sues Salvation Army in Alaska after sex assault conviction

‘Worst rapist’ at Salvos was eventually sacked … for sleeping with his fiance

#WhiteShieldAppeal – Clean Up Your Act, Salvos!


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